Do you have a specific lettings issue that needs resolving? With 10 years’ experience of running school lettings across the country, we have a wealth of knowledge to draw upon, and this has allowed us to build a flourishing consultancy offer for schools. If you are not looking for our fully managed service, but would like our support to tackle a particular opportunity or challenge, then our consultancy service could be what you are need.

Consultancy Services

The range of areas we cover is very broad. Not only do we give advice, but we roll up our sleeves and actually deliver key solutions for you. For example:

  • Recruiting a new lettings manager, including job description, person specification, terms and conditions, recruitment, selection and appointment
  • A staffing review, to advise on the levels of staffing you need during lettings to ensure both customer service and site safety
  • A site security review, to assess the physical layout, process and systems for robustness during out-of-hours use
  • Safeguarding advice, including how successfully to fulfil your obligations under KCSIE and the DPA
  • Marketing consultancy, to design and deploy the most effective way to win and retain customers
  • Pricing review – are you getting best value from your assets?

Delivering a consultancy project for a client school is always the responsibility of a member of our leadership team or a very experienced venue manager, so you can be sure of getting quality service from one of our senior professionals with a deep understanding of school lettings.

Next Steps

If you are interested in taking up this service, please make contact. We will be happy to explore your needs in more detail in order to define with you the scope and deliverables of the consultancy project.