Power to the people

Greetings avid readers of the Managers blog.

Are there any Trekkie’s amongst you, you might remember the opening sequence dialogue from the original TV show (showing my age now) when William Shatners voice says ‘Captains log, star date….’ That’s the scene and voice which comes to my mind, I feel like Capt Kirk of the Star-ship Copthall setting the scene for the programme.

Enough of my rambling, let us get down to the business of ‘power to the people’.  What do I mean by that, well, there is a bit of word play in there, as always; I mean without the power of the people there is no business.  People are the most important assets of most businesses, the minions who slave away to make the company what it is, these people can make or break a business.  Lets call them the workers, they are not minions; these are the people who should be invested in, the people who should be trained, guided, motivated, inspired and even loved to perform; neglect these people at your peril if you are a business owner or a manager in charge of a team.

The people who work for you can be a source of inspiration, they can take your organisation to new heights, but only if you let them.  Each individual comes from an array of different commercial and personal back grounds, there is a wealth of experience that can tapped into if we take the trouble to get to know our people; communication is the key!  The success of any relationship depends on communication.  The shortfall of so many organisations is that the communication tends to flow downwards only, the workers handed down targets, policies and procedures with little or no consultation nor dialogue; how does that make them feel ? inspired, motivated, loyal?

The financial success for any business relies on the performance of its workforce, how many times have you heard  that happy people perform better, it is not always about the money; more and more people want to work in jobs which they find fulfilling, the work/life balance has become increasingly significant with each generation; organisations need to take heed of this trend, an imbalance is why so many organisations see a high turn over of staff.

Captain Sohail of the star-ship Ark Academy is about to warp into a black hole now…until the next blog anyway!