Work Life Balance

Greetings Blog addicts…

This concept hardly existed just over a decade ago, but now it is considered an integral part of many individuals’ and companies objectives. Striking that balance is welcomed by an increasing number of employers because it enhances productivity and creates a more positive perception by employees toward their jobs and their employers.   For many employees and job seekers now, having the balance can mean whether or not they stay in or apply for certain jobs.

So what is work life balance?  It is different for everyone, on the whole it is the amount of time a person spends working, balanced against other aspects of their lives; it really depends on where you are in your life and what your life commitments and priorities are.  Whatever you do to establish your work/life balance, it’s vital to create it and keep to it whenever possible.

We need that work life balance for several reasons: so many of us seem to be living to work, work time takes up most of our day, often the work is pressurised and intense, it may require long periods of concentration and have stress elements attached to it, which, we all know can lead to all sorts of ailments; so the need to unwind, to switch off or just be distracted are vital to avoid ‘burn out’.  Sustained levels of pressure will impact physical and mental health which will inevitably cause work rates and quality of performance at work to deteriorate.

A tunnel visioned employer who is only interested in the end result, without considering the journey and the well being of the team which will get him/her to the desired destination will see high rates of drop out, demotivated managers, poor quality in performance, low morale and ultimately could lose money or even the company if nothing is done.

As for the individuals, this aspect of having the time and flexibility to be able to live ones life and not just live to work has become a major driver in the work place.  People are staying in the same jobs for shorter periods of time, there is a lower degree of tolerance if working conditions are not what the expectations were set at, good people move on quickly once they realise they are not valued.

From the above we can see the importance for both the employer and the employee to take steps in trying to achieve a win win for each party.  A healthy and happy work force is more likely to stay in the same job, take pride in their performance and go the extra mile for their company. A conscious, forward thinking employer understands retaining staff helps to keep training costs down, it maintains loyalty and commitment from an existing team.

So if you have not been able to take a break lately, it is time you did.