Blog Standard

Sometimes I wonder if anyone ever reads my blogs. Some of us actually put some thought into these master pieces of prose! well, not quite poetry but food for thought.  That is how blogs started, several years ago now, as a memoir of someones experience of places they had travelled to, food they had eaten at restaurants or gigs attend, you get the picture…today they are a standard form of communication and information for people from all walks of life and all sectors, including our very own of venue hire.

So how does one make venue hire exciting and captivating to write a blog about ? It is not exactly the same as writing about a trip to Bora Bora or the Great Barrier Reef; well, actually it can be; here is my take on it: it is not necessarily about the the place or the taste or the person, it is about the feelings evoked.  you know that saying: people will forget what you did and what you said, but they will never forget the way you made them feel.

To me, the meaningful things I would like to express in a blog or read from a blog are those about the way people feel; for Schools plus it brings together all of the 4 values the company is founded upon.  The times customers or the schools thank me for something or express their appreciation for just doing my job, but more so, those are memories which I will take away and keep with me; the expression of gratitude, the smiles and banter which allows people to be at ease with you because of the way you made them feel.

Yes, it is a dull grey sports hall with coloured lines or a dance studio with mirrors which I am plugging, but not really, I’m plugging me: if you buy into me, I can sell you anything, I have gained your trust, your ear, your respect; how and why? because of the way I made you feel.  I took an interest in you, your business, your activity, you hopes and aspirations, I made you share all that with me, so we became one team with a common agenda.

I hope that was food fore thought…until the next  blog standard.