ELT baptist Church – 3 day Basketball camp 15th-17th August 2016

At the beginning of this week we had a fantastic group in for 11-16-year-olds in East London providing high-quality basketball coaching from professional experienced coaches from the UK, USA, and Germany in a family environment at Raine’s Foundation Upper School.

They were doing basketball circuit training as well, so I saw a group shooting hoops, other groups practicing different types of dribbling, other’s skipping, passing the basketball as well as playing a match at the end of the day before finishing.

The main coach for this camp was an ex-NBA player – Zack Jones – who has many years’ experience running similar camps; he also currently works as a basketball coach and is a High School principal in the USA. Zack has run similar camps in Germany and around the world for the last fifteen years.

Other coaches come with diverse experiences of playing and coaching both internationally and nationally.


They were all wearing fantastic RED East London Basketball Camp (ELBC) T-shirts, where the coach were all wearing BLUE East London Basketball Camp (ELBC) T-shirts.

The kids had so much fun that they all looked tired by the end of the 3rd day, being active all day only stopping for lunch or water.

By talking to the project leader  Ayo Olajide, who is also a church worker at ELT Baptist Church, I found out that one the 1st and the 3rd day they took all the youngsters back to ELT Baptist Church to have even more fun by playing more but different games and eat some food. On the 3rd evening they had a BBQ where certificates and prizes were given to all the kids and their parents were celebrating with them.

This is going to be a yearly thing so year 1 down many more to come…….