Brazilian dance classes @ Raines Upper

Greetings everyone,

I am bursting with excitement and hope I last long enough to finish this post.

Schools Plus is absolutely delighted to be hosting Forró classes (Brazilian dance) for the first time ever at our Raines Upper site.

DANCING WITH Pé Descalço and it probably won’t get better than this. The fun is scheduled to commence on Tuesday 3rd October and we suggest you get yourself registered for classes sooner than later.

These classes are likely to get filled quite quickly and unless you want to be one of the unfortunate ones being left on the outside looking in, then I suggest you get yourself and your partner signed up ”QUICK-QUICK-QUICK”…!

Dance 1 Dance 2 Dance 3

Dance instructor: Cesar Neves


Mobile: 07849 923 802 



Their project started in Brazil as a social project in the poorer schools for ages 15-17 years of age, following which it grew into the largest Forró school in Brazil.

Checkout the website if you like (in Portuguese but I managed) :)

Checkout the sort of dance and environment that exists in Brazil by visiting:

Even better, please visit the you tube channel:

FACT:- Their School is called Pé Descalço, which means Barefoot in English. :)


For all booking enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 07342 886 930 or email: